Planning Board


The five-member Planning Board is appointed by the Mayor, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, and is assisted by a Planning Board Secretary and the Planning Board Attorney. Each member serves on the Board for five years. The Board works to ensure that Village land is conserved, protected and used properly and that the Village grows in an orderly fashion. All applications to the Planning Board must be submitted to the Village Clerk in advance of presentation to the Board. The Board’s duties include:

  • Approving site plans prior to issuance of a building permit (except for one- or two-family homes).
  • Approving subdivisions of land.
  • Reviewing and approving site plans for all ground signs or signs on multi-tenant buildings.



Rory O'Connor - Chair 

Michael McNamara

Scott Burlingame

John Battenfield 

Pete Martin 

Paul Dunkelbarger

Michael Raga-Barone

Nathan Ward